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2008 Louisiana Royalty



2008 Louisiana State

King & Queen




Jean Dunn

TOPS®# LA 490, Columbia




Weight control has always been a problem for me and has plagued me from childhood.  I have tried many times to control it but nothing worked for any length of time.  Dieting never seemed to be the answer or didn’t produce the goal I was trying to achieve. 


A dear friend of mine with whom I attend Church with was loosing weight and having fun doing it so I inquired as what she was doing in order to loose and maintain a constant loss, week after week.  She was delighted that I was also interested in doing something about my weight, so she introduced me to TOPS. 


My health had been declining for some time, and I had to resort to using a lift chair to assist me in getting up and sitting down without a great deal of difficulty.  My strength was not sufficient or my breath was so short that it was hard for me to go for any distance before I had to stop to rest.  I was missing out on the fun of playing with my grandchildren because if I got down on the floor with them there was no way I could get back up again. This was a great embarrassment for me.


In February 2006 my life began anew. I joined my friend in attending TOPS and was met with an overwhelming show of love and compassion from the people in the #LA490, Columbia chapter.  I could see immediately that this was exactly what I needed to inspire me and get me started in the right direction.   The programs that are presented during the meetings are well prepared and informative.  I have learned that I must take time for myself, read carefully all labels, plan and prepare meals that are healthy and above all use portion control.  When I am tempted to go astray and not do the right thing I can call on my TOPS members for support.


My Husband, family and other loving friends are all so very encouraging and support me in my efforts to improve my health by reducing my weight.  I am also very much encouraged when some of my closest friends that I haven’t seen for some time do not recognize me.  That really thrills me.


TOPS is to me, as the Statue of Liberty in the New York harbor has been to thousands of men, women and children over the years.  The TOPS organization and especially TOPS  #LA490, Columbia stands with out stretched arms in our community offering hope in TAKING OFF POUNDS SENSIBLY and being a slimmer individual.

Thank You #LA490, Columbia for helping me in reaching my GOAL.  I am sincerely enjoying my new life.

 Take time for yourself

 Open your eyes and heart to other members

  Plan your meals

 Smile when you step on the scales







Rodney Monnerjahn

TOPS®# LA 15, (city)




My weight, what can I say?  I have struggled with my weight since I got married in 1967.

Up and down, but mostly up.  I have always enjoyed being active with my family and friends, and unfortunately that always seemed to be an activity that involved food or eating of some type.  Crawfish boils, bar-b-ques, are just plain “ole” big Sunday dinners. Oh, and did I

mention my love of cooking.  I even have a kitchen in my garage for special family dinners and gatherings. After all I was not a drinker, I was not a partier, just loved to cook, be with family and friends, and of course eat!


But when I realized I was in a size “50” pants, and a 3X shirt, and couldn’t climb a flight of stairs without needing oxygen, I said that’s it!! 


I had dieted a hundred times, and had lost hundreds of pounds.  But, had never really reached my goal weight or been able to keep it off.  I was well over 300 lbs, and I hated the way I looked and really hated the way I felt.


With my past dieting experiences, I knew I couldn’t do it alone.  I needed help, and support to lose the weight and keep it off!  So I decided to join TOPS.  And, that is exactly what I got.  Help and Support. 


TOPS are friends and family.  They have given me the support and help I have needed to succeed in my weight loss.  Going to a meeting is like going to a family gathering.  Every one cares about each other.  They all share your sadness when you fail, and share your happiness when you succeed.  But the main thing is:  they never quit supporting or helping.  Giving you that little extra phone call during the week or sending you a little “pick-me-up” card in the mail goes such a long way in those weeks when you might feel a little tempted.  I know that without the support and love of my TOPS group I wouldn’t have made it to where I am today……



Rodney is also awarded Division 1-1st Place Division Winner having lost 117.50 lbs. this past year of 2008




2008 Louisiana State

King & Queen Runner-Ups



Thomas Brunet

TOPS® #LA 426, (city)

89.25 Pounds Lost to Goal


My Cajun Journey from TOPS to KOPS


I was born and raised a Cajun living on the

 bayou. Cajuns are known for their love of

food, mostly seafood, which is fried,

smothered, sometimes boiled but always

with a sauce. I guess my age and weight

caught up with me at the same time

because I had no more energy and

stopped doing things I had once enjoyed.


So on January 22, 2007 I walked into my

first TOPS meeting and started living

again. The journey was tough but I never

once regretted the changes I made.  The

support, love, encouragement and

dedication from #LA426, Houma helped

me reach my KOPS status in 15 months

with a weight loss of 89.25 lbs.


I am also honored to be awarded Division

 4- 1st Place Winner this year with a loss

of 22.75 lbs.


The new me has more energy and I enjoy

a variety of exercises. With a greater

appreciation of life and to be honest I

don’t miss my old self! Finally, I give

my thanks to Almighty God, my soul mate

Judy and all the “Silly Girls” in our chapter.

 I thank you all for the support and prayers

through out my TOPS Cajun journey!






Bridget Duhon

TOPS® #LA 504, Cut Off

100.5 Pounds Lost to Goal


I have been overweight all of my life. I have

tried weight loss programs in the past with

no prevail. I would always gain the weight

back, but that changed on July 27, 2007

when I walked into a TOPS meeting. I was

not expecting the love, support and the

success that would come. I knewI could lose

some weight, but I never expected I would

ever come close to losing the weight

that I did. Before I began TOPS, I weighed

in at 260.50 lbs. Having high blood pressure

I was pre-diabetic. I was taking medication

and visiting the Dr.’s office frequently. I was

in an accident when I was younger and hurt

my knee very badly. There were days at work

that I had to use a crutch to help me walk

because of all the excessive weight on my

injured knee.


I had some friends who were in TOPS.

Before I decided to join I saw all the success

they had. Knowing it could help, I decided to

join. My goal was always to lose 100 lbs. I

set my goal high because I knew what I

wanted. I was determined to lose the weight. It was tough, and there were days that I thought that I couldn’t

do it. I owe it to my friends at TOPS who from

the first day I joined, were always supportive,

friendly, and helpful. I have made many new

friends, and without their support, I don’t think

 I would have reached my goal. My TOPS

group is always there for me whether I

succeed in losing weight or if I relapse and

lose control of my eating habits and gain



I have won numerous awards in my journey to lose weight. However, the biggest reward is the fact that now I am no longer having knee problems. I can walk 2 to 10 miles a week with no pain. I am no longer taking any medication for high blood pressure, and I am no longer at risk for Diabetes.


I have learned that eating healthy and exercising daily are the two most important factors in losing weight. It’s not really what you eat, but how much you choose to eat. You should always be active and enjoy taking time to keep your body moving. Instead of watching a movie and snacking with your family or friends, you should choose to play a sport or go out biking or walking.  You should never diet, but you should change your way of living. You need to take control of what you put into your mouth, and choose to walk up the stairs rather than take the escalator. Simple things like that can help you lose weight. This state of mind has helped me reach my goal.      


So, all the thanks go to my wonderful TOPS group,#LA504, Cut Off. They are and were always there for me when I needed support.  I look forward to every Wednesday when I attend the TOPS meetings.  With the help and support of my TOPS friends, I reached my goal, and in the future I plan to keep the weight off with their love, support and guidance.


Thanks again for helping me become a healthier and better decision maker when it comes to eating. Thanks for your love and support and for helping me be the best ME that I can be.


With a weight loss of 50.50 pounds this year Bridget is also the Division 3- 1st Place Winner for 2008.





Division Winners



Division 1


1st Place
Rodney Monnerjahn

TOPS® #LA 15, (city)

117.5 pound loss


2nd Place

Rodney Linzay

TOPS® #LA 509, Alexander

32.5 pound loss

Division 2

1st Place
Ralph King

TOPS® #LA 51, (city)

25.5 pound loss


2nd Place

Quinn Foret

TOPS® #LA 417, Lockport

10.5 pound loss


Division 3


1st Place
Lawrence Marshall

TOPS® #LA 404, (city)

42.75 pound loss


2nd Place

Duvie Pugh

TOPS® #LA 242, (city)

21.5 pound loss


Division 4


1st Place
Thomas Brunet

TOPS® #LA 417, Lockport

22.75 pound loss


2nd Place

Ted Hardan

TOPS® #LA 171, (city)

16.75 pound loss


Division 7


1st Place
Charles Ray Sylvia

TOPS® #LA 331, Robert

33 pound loss


2nd Place

Gary Blanchard

TOPS® #LA 325, Houma

14 pound loss





Division 1


1st Place

Evelyn Simoneaux

TOPS® #LA 405, (city)

68 pound loss


2nd Place
Anita Davidson

TOPS® #LA 507, (city)

60.25 pound loss


Division 2


1st Place
Tyleda Hartman

TOPS® #LA 350, (city)

57.5 pound loss


2nd Place
Doris Fryou

TOPS® #LA 382, (city)

39 pound loss


Division 3


1st Place

Bridget Duhon

TOPS® #LA 504, Cut Off

50.5 pound loss


2nd Place
Zena DeWitt

TOPS® #LA 458, (city)

48 pound loss


Division 4

1st Place
Diana Aucoin

TOPS® #LA 382, (city)

26.5 pound loss


2nd Place

Donna Boeta

TOPS® #LA 51, (city)

26 pound loss


Division 5


1st Place
Carol Uhle

TOPS® #LA 29, (city)

12.25 pound loss


Division 7


1st Place
Joyce Mulkey

TOPS® #LA 312, (city)

37 pound loss


Division 9


1st Place
Debbye O'Banion

TOPS® #LA 71, (city)

31 pound loss


1st Place
Peggy Ray

TOPS® #LA 220, Oakdale

23.25 pound loss















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