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2007 Louisiana Royalty



2007 Louisiana State

King & Queen




Gwendolyn Lirette

TOPSŪ# LA 462, Dularge



I have been obesely overweight all of my adult life.  Started having children at age 18, just out of high school.  After my 1st born I gained 90 pounds then kept putting on the pounds since.  My first cousin had lost quite a few pounds and began looking so good.  I started asking questions only to find out that she was in TOPSŪ.  I decided to join in March of 1999.  Needless to say, I did a great job.  I lost 75 pounds only to win 1st Place in Division II that year. 

Well I was very unhappy with life, with my husband, and quit going to my meetings and gained every pound plus some back.  Four years later my mom was very worried about my health and me because I was getting so big.  She insisted that we join TOPSŪ again because she knew I needed support and help from all the wonderful people in La 462, DuLarge.  I decided to join back on March 30, 2005.  Well I started losing weight, feeling better about myself and was determined to reach my goal and become State Queen.  In 2005, I won 1st Place in Division II.  Then in 2006, I won 1st Place in Division III.  In 2007, I finally reached my goal with a lost of 116.25 pounds.  My life has taken a completely total turn around.  I have finally succeeded in my weight loss and feel wonderful about myself. I am very outgoing and have lots of self-esteem.  I want to thank my mother for insisting I join TOPSŪ and to let her know that I love her from the bottom of my heart.  Thanks to all of my friends of La 462, DuLarge.  I love all of you guys because without all of you I would not have succeeded.  I want to express to the world that TOPSŪ is the best weight loss program anyone can ever join.  Thanks to all of you.  I love all of ya’ll.


                                                                           Your Queen,

                                                                            Gwen Lirette 






Kenneth Clifton

TOPSŪ# LA 444, Shreveport



Hi my name is Kenneth Clifton and I am a retired police officer. Four years ago I had it made I was living life like a hog in its wallow soaking up the sun. I was eating anything, drinking, and fishing. I had it made; I didn't have to worry about anything. My wife Barbara joined an organization called TOPSŪ, which I hadn't heard of and didn't care to know about. About a year later she started to lose weight, trim down, and she was looking good. She made Queen a couple of years ago and started to get on my case. She wanted me to trim down and start losing some of my weight. I weighed 336 pounds. She was determined to get me to lose some weight! She started to cut my food down and giving the same amount that she was eating, at this rate I was sure to lose weight, if I didn't starve first. Well I thought I was getting smart, I would go get a hamburger and eat it before I came home. It was working, until I got caught. My wife caught me cheating on my diet and boy was she mad. In order for me to get back on her good side, I had to join the TOPSŪ club. When I joined the club I weighed 311 pounds. I began exercising and dieting with my wife and lost down to 270 pounds. I don't think I could have done it with out the help of my wife or the support and encouragement from my club members. Now that I have lost the weight I feel better and my back does not give me as much trouble anymore. I still plan on losing down to 250 pounds. I hope my story encourages others to keep on keeping on. Thank you so much for your time.




2007 Louisiana State

King & Queen Runner-Ups


Frederick Gerken

TOPSŪ #LA 417, Lockport

23 Pounds Lost to Goal


After having aortic valve replacement surgery in 1998, my physician advised me to lose weight as I was about 230 lbs and wore a size 46 pants. I wanted to lose the inner tube around my waist and tried dieting with little success. One day a friend Marilyn Pepper invited my wife and I to join TOPSŪ. Although it took me 8 years thanks to my TOPSŪ friends and my wife I hung in there and reached my goal of 198lbs and my current pants size is now a 42.


TOPSŪ has been a godsend after losing my home, church, friends, and TOPSŪ Chapter in St Bernard Parish after Katrina. After relocating to Larose I was welcomed with open arms into my new TOPSŪ Chapter. TOPSŪ has helped me not only to lose the unwanted weight but has also given me the moral support I needed to continue to rebuild my life and also to succeed in my weight loss.


I have been given many titles in my 75 years; Orphan, Christian, Polio Survivor, Korean War Veteran, Electrician, Husband, Father, Grandfather, Katrina Survivor, and now-TOPSŪ Runner-up King.


Life is Good…


Patsy Leblanc

TOPSŪ #LA 331, Robert

102 Pounds Lost to Goal


If it hadn't been for my TOPSŪ chapter I wouldn't have lost the weight.


These are the words I would like to say to my friends of TOPSŪ. It's because of the persistence and support that I'm here living today.


I have been heavy most of my life and when I got married and had kids I gained over 116 pounds. I worked hard and lost those 116 pounds and kept it of for 10 years until my Mom passed on. Shortly after, I lost my KOPSŪ status. Now I'm proud to say in 2006 and 2007 I have lost 102 pounds.


I make sure to eat healthy now for me and my TOPSŪ Chapter members since I'm a leader for TOPSŪ. I will be the support of my group since now I find myself telling them not to quit.


All the support is the reason I lost the weight and I will never forget all the hard work it took





Division Winners



Division 1


1st Place
Jarvis Herbert Jr

TOPSŪ #LA 504, Cut Off

34 pound loss


Division 2

1st Place
Thomas Brunet

TOPSŪ #LA 426, Houma

74.25 pound loss


2nd Place

Ronald St Pierre

TOPSŪ #LA 62, Slidell

34 pound loss


Division 3


1st Place
Richard Alexander

TOPSŪ #LA 20, Gretna

17.50 pound loss


Division 6


1st Place
Jared Boudreaux

TOPSŪ #LA 417, Lockport

17.50 pound loss


2nd Place

William Mire

TOPSŪ #LA 422, Praireville

13.50 pound loss


Division 7


1st Place
Charles Ray Sylvia

TOPSŪ #LA 331, Robert

16 pound loss





Division 1


1st Place

Gwendolen Hopkins

TOPSŪ #LA 382, Amelia

83.50 pound loss


2nd Place
Carolyn Guidry

TOPSŪ #LA 504, Cut Off

83.50 pound loss


Division 2


1st Place
Diana Dufrene

TOPSŪ #LA 504, Cut Off

74.75 pound loss


2nd Place
Bridget Duhon

TOPSŪ #LA 504, Cut Off

51.50 pound loss


Division 3


1st Place

Pat Harrisson

TOPSŪ #LA 490, Columbia

78 pound loss


2nd Place
Tammy Savoie

TOPSŪ #LA 325, Houma

71.50 pound loss


Division 4

1st Place
Margaret Landry

TOPSŪ #LA 410, Thibodaux

43.75 pound loss


2nd Place

Robin DeHart

TOPSŪ #LA 325, Houma

31.25 pound loss


Division 5


1st Place
Andrea Galjour

TOPSŪ #LA 376, Galliano

13.25 pound loss


2nd Place

Rose Donellan

TOPSŪ #LA 312, Baton Rouge

10.50 pound loss



Division 7


1st Place
Tammy Lowe

TOPSŪ #LA 276, DeRidder

37 pound loss


2nd Place

Joyce Mulkey

TOPSŪ #LA 312, Baton Rouge

12 pound loss


Division 9


1st Place
Peggy Ray

TOPSŪ #LA 220, Oakdale

46.75 pound loss













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