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2005 Louisiana Royalty







All my life I remember being overweight....all during my childhood I heard my mother tell people “it’s baby fat” Though out the years I have tried to lose weight only for weight to find me and now at age 45 I have finally lost my “baby fat”
I will start my story in May of 1991 when my son James was born. Years went by and with the help of my husband we we able to care to care for all of James’ special needs but in 2003 life circumstances left me a single mother with a handicapped child.

James had many challenges both mental and physical and the older he got the harder it was for me to care for his special needs. Every morning I would get James ready for school and things that should only take a few minutes would take me much longer; I remember one morning very clear, I was doing something as simple as brushing James’ teeth and had to sit down and catch my breath. Just think what kind of shape I was in after doing something like giving his bath, dressing him and putting him in his wheelchair. I knew I had to do something and fast .

On Sunday, June the 1st 2003 friend suggested we start a weight loss group at church where we would weigh-in and support each other and I remember thinking “what a wonderful concept that was, ”weight losses didn't go well for the others but I lost 30 pounds. After only one month I was the only one showing up for our weekly weigh-ins. I was on my own again and for me this spelled TROUBLE!!! Now, without the support from my friends and my weekly weigh-ins I was cheating!!! But life changed for me on Thursday, July 24th, when I attended my 1st TOPS® meeting thanks to another friend of mine that told me about TOPS®. I knew from the moment I walked into the meeting room that this was the place for me. The support from my chapter was overwhelming and I never felt like a stranger ... these were my friends.
My first year in TOPS®...At my first meeting I weighed in at 282.50 pounds. I did very well my first year I lost over 90 pounds in only 5 months. This weight loss won me 1st place in my division that year at SRD/2004 but I missed my goal weight by less than 20 pounds. In 2004, my2nd year in TOPS® changes in my life gave me “excuses” not to attend my weekly TOPS® meetings-----and yes, you guessed it, I gained some of my weight back. The latter part of 2004 after avoiding numerous telephone calls from my local chapter I ran into one of the members in the grocery store and she gave me the strength I needed to get back to my weekly meetings. It was very embarrassing for me to face them with such a large gain but again they were very supportive.

Once again that year I didn’t hit my goal weight before out last weigh-in but I didn’t give up. I still attended SRD/2005 this time just sitting there while they crowned another beautiful queen...I remember thinking “how foolish I have been” I was so happy for our queen but a little voice inside said, ”that could have been you” This is my 3rd year in TOPS® and I guess the rest of my story is pretty obvious to you all. I’m not just sitting in the audience this year----I made it and next year could be you!!!!

My advice to all my TOPS® friends— don’t give up and most of all no matter what, attend your weekly meetings whether you have a loss or gain go to your meetings because someone there will give you support you need to reach your goal.









I developed high blood pressure due to being overweight. My cardiologist prescribed
blood pressure medication and recommended that I lose weight. I have lost weight ,off and on by trying different fad diets all of my life without any success in keeping off the weight for any length of time. I successfully lost 40 to 50 pounds at that time but eventually gained that and more every time that I would stop dieting. Also, heart disease runs in my mother’s family all of her brothers have died at an early age of various types of heart disease. She currently suffers from congenital heart disease and has had to have a defibrillator implanted in her chest last year. So, my health was one big reason for joining TOPS®.
There are three other significant reasons for my joining and my success at TOPS®.
Firstly, my mother Genevieve Cortez, has been a KOPS® member for several years and has encouraged and gently pushed me to joining TOPS® knowing full well that I had to face that scale once a week I would be able to maintain my weight loss. (MOM ALWAYS KNOWS BEST).
Her biggest reason for encouraging all her children to join TOPS® is not for any of her children to suffer the medical problems she is having at this time in her life. And I thank you for always supporting me and wanting the best for me.
Secondly, I joined TOPS® for my beautiful daughter Sheridan Cortez, who at 12 years old is also a member of TOPS® .I watched her struggle with her weight in her pre-teen years and wanted to help her knowing how much I struggle with yo-yo dieting since I was a teenager.
We joined TOPS® together as a family so that we could support each other and hopefully educate ourselves in how to sensible take off the excess weight without gaining it back. She dove right in to the TOPS® program and filled out not only her charts but mine and my wife’s charts as well.
Sheridan no longer needs the charts but knows what she has to do with her exercise and also what she can not have where food is concerned. I think that TOPS® has given her what she needs to meet her goal and eventually become a KOPS® member.
Lastly, I have to attribute my success to TOPS® and my fantastic fellow members, without their support and encouragement I would not have been as successful in losing and keeping the weight off. I wanted to give an HUGE THANK YOU to all of the members of my chapter,#430, Chackbay, La, especially, Miss Verdi, who encouraged me and my whole family week after week always kind and supporting. You are a special person and I wanted you to know how much not only I, but everyone appreciates you. I am honored and privileged to belong to such a caring group of TOPS® members. God Bless all of you and again Thank You.




2005 Louisiana State

King & Queen Runner-Ups

2005 Louisiana Queen Runner-Up: Tammy Perritt

2005 Louisiana King Runner-Up: Leroy Aucoin 


KING RUNNER UP: Leroy Aucoin 

TOPS® #LA 370, Thibodeaux

51 Pounds Lost to Goal


Success Story

With a serious health condition and being over weight, I knew I had to do something.

My wife Dorothy was in TOPS® and she asked me to join them. Reluctantly, I went to the next meeting. I joined that night. Soon I started to lose weight, by eating the proper foods and using the exercise program, I soon reached my goal.




TOPS®# LA 409, Haughton

78 Pounds Lost to Goal


Success Story


I joined TOPS® in Haughton, and within a year had lost 50 pounds. But I lost focus and gained them back and added on another20 to boot. Then the yo-yo’s started, that was 10 years ago . On a trip to IRD, my friend Patty and I went on a roller coaster, but were asked to leave the lap bar wouldn’t close. I was so embarrassed, and I love coasters! I knew this was it and began losing again, all the way to goal, a total of 85 pounds.

My mom; a KOPS® was always there for me along with my pals at # LA 409, Haughton.  Well mom I’m ready for my ride now.











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