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   SRD Words of Wisdom from Gina Brueske

Homeless Pounds 

One Pound of Fat

The Strangest Secret

2017 State Royalty

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2017 State King


Travis Monsalvatge

FL 045

56.25 Pounds to goal



  2017 State Queen


Debbie Baker

FL 854

144.2 Pounds to goal






Runner-up King:  Joseph Dever

FL 854

41.8 pounds to goal


Runner-up Queen:  Estella Foster

FL 288

131.75 pounds to goal




Division Winners


1st Place
Mark Scott

FL 846

38.3 pound loss


2nd Place

Don Atcher

FL 318

32.6 pound loss

Division 2

1st Place

Travis Monsalvatge

FL 045

59 pound loss


2nd Place

Don Dorough

FL 098

34.4 pound loss


Division 3


1st Place

James Frazier

FL 884

28 pound loss


2nd Place

Garry Bias

FL 662

27 pound loss


Division 7


1st Place

Alan Smith

FL 045

49.25 pound loss


2nd Place

David Somers

FL 547

24 pound loss







1st Place

Charlene Nix

FL 398

77.2 pound loss


2nd Place

Stephanie Stephan

FL 098

47pound loss


1st Place

Violet Whitman

FL 380

78.2 pound loss


2nd Place
Amanda York

FL 483

76.8 pound loss


1st Place

Rachel Schmidt


50.6 pound loss


2nd Place

Vera Wells

FL 744

49.4 pound loss


1st Place
Michelle D'Ambrosio

FL 602

46.4 pound loss


2nd Place

Birgitt Tischer-Pocock

FL 307

44.2 pound loss


Division 5


1st Place

Nancy Leighton

FL 123

16.4 pound loss


2nd Place  

Peg McFarland

FL 661

14.6 pound loss


Division 7


1st Place

Andrea Porter

FL 231

15.4 pound loss


1st Place

Alicia Orr

FL 444

100.6 pound loss


2nd Place  

SuZee Roberson

FL 770

95.2 pound loss







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